What it Takes to be the Best Restaurant Part 2

August 16, 2017

We know that we have to be the best to achieve excellent results in today’s expectation economy. But what do we need to do to in order to be the best? In this video I will share with you the four strategies you can implement to become the best restaurant.


What it Takes to be the Best Restaurant Part 1

August 9, 2017

Being a good or great restaurant in today’s economy is not enough, being great or even excellent still won’t get you the desired results.  In this video, I will share to you my insights on what it takes and why you have to become the best restaurant.


How to Price Restaurant Menu Items

August 2, 2017

In the industry there's really only two ways to set prices on your menu and most restaurants are doing it wrong. Watch the video as I explain what these pricing models are and choosing which one is the best and tips on how to implement it.


Restaurant Lessons from a Furniture Store

June 7, 2017

I went for a trip in Newark, New Jersey and learned some important lessons about interacting with customers. I found out that it’s better approach is to ask about your customers and learn more about them.


Should you Fire your Restaurant Staff or your Restaurant Managers

May 30, 2017

Despite the dire warnings from GM, Toyota hired back the employees (but not the managers) back in the early 80’s and turned the plant into one of their best performing plants in the world.  So, it begs the question: does your problem lie with your restaurant staff or your managers?


Sometimes Running a Restaurant is NOT Fun

May 24, 2017

The restaurant business is like sailing.  Sometimes the headwind feels like it’s more than you can ever take and you’re ready to jump ship.  So is the competition, so keep your head down, keep persevering and you’ll come out the winner on the other side.


How to Earn Respect from your Restaurant Staff

May 17, 2017

It might seem silly, but there are 2 tips I give to clients when they tell me that they are struggling with their staff respecting them in their restaurant.  One is to ensure you’re improving their lives, the other is unconditional love.  Watch the video as I explain both of them.


Identify 10 Restaurant Competitors

May 10, 2017

Most restaurant owners can usually name 2-3 top competitors in town.  You should be able to easily name at least 10 of them.  The problem is that many of your competitors aren’t who you think they might be.  Watch this week’s video to learn more.


The Customer Is Not Always Right

May 3, 2017

Being able to leave a bad review on things like Yelp, Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor before a customer even leaves your restaurant, what’s a restaurant owner to do?  The answer isn’t what you might think because you shouldn’t be bending over backwards (twice) to please those negative nellies.  Watch this weeks video for more.


Fire Every Single One of Your Restaraunt Employees

April 26, 2017

Your restaurant might have a mish-mash of staff right now.  People who have been with your for years and people who are fresh faces - each likely following their own set of rules and guidelines.  Get everyone back on track by firing, then properly re-hiring them with 4 simple steps.