Identify 10 Restaurant Competitors

May 10, 2017

Most restaurant owners can usually name 2-3 top competitors in town.  You should be able to easily name at least 10 of them.  The problem is that many of your competitors aren’t who you think they might be.  Watch this week’s video to learn more.


The Customer Is Not Always Right

May 3, 2017

Being able to leave a bad review on things like Yelp, Facebook, Google or TripAdvisor before a customer even leaves your restaurant, what’s a restaurant owner to do?  The answer isn’t what you might think because you shouldn’t be bending over backwards (twice) to please those negative nellies.  Watch this weeks video for more.


Fire Every Single One of Your Restaraunt Employees

April 26, 2017

Your restaurant might have a mish-mash of staff right now.  People who have been with your for years and people who are fresh faces - each likely following their own set of rules and guidelines.  Get everyone back on track by firing, then properly re-hiring them with 4 simple steps.


5 Common Restaurant Financial Myths BUSTED

April 19, 2017

We’re MYTH BUSTING in today’s video.  There’s 5 huge financial myths in the restaurant business that we’re going to pull apart to save you time and money.


Restaurant Quality Spiral

April 12, 2017

When there are changes to be made in your restaurant, you can always choose the upward or downward spiral.  The fact that the change has to be made isn’t going to go away - your job is to simply make the best of the situation.


Your Restaurant Needs a Scoreboard

April 5, 2017

Running a restaurant without a scoreboard is a recipe for disaster.  No one knows where to focus their attention and they forget the game you’re playing.  This week’s video has the 6 things you should have on your scoreboard (and how to use it properly) to keep your restaurant on track.


3 Things you can do Today for a Better Restaurant Tomorrow

March 22, 2017

So many of the strategies you read about in magazines or on website are difficult to implement, time consuming and will get your a few months.   There are three things you can today, that will get you results tomorrow.


2 Tools for a More Profitable Restaurant Menu

March 15, 2017

If you want a winning combination that’s going to knock your customers socks off, try adding these two ingredients to your menu, then report back here how it went.


Use a Budget to Increase Restaurant Profit

March 8, 2017

If you’re having trouble keeping your food costs in check each month, check out this week’s video with Chef Colin from the Turks & Caicos Beaches resort, the Executive Chef for 23 restaurants.